Welcome to mimiland~~
I've always wanted to do this, how exciting!
Hi, I'm Rei/Mimi! I'm 24, I use any pronouns (they/he preferred) and I'm from Chile! I'm a future translator and interpreter. You can learn more about me on my carrd!

This site will serve as my personal project to organize all the things I write. If I'm feeling goofy, I will post new diary entries about my personal dismay as well as reviews about my current interests! (figurines, places I visited, etc)

On the recommendations tab I may include perhaps other pairings I may be interested in. I will try to keep everything SFW!!!

I'm currently obsessed with writing about GenTan, which is a pairing I took a great liking to. But I also want to write my own personal story about my own oc. Maybe one day I will? As for now, this site will simply work as an archive of my Genya x Tanjirou fics.